Who Will Stand If Israel Kneels to Satan?


Who Will Stand If Israel Kneels to Satan.  This is an urgent cry to every Christian to pray fervently and seek the mercy of God almighty.

It appears we are living in the end times.  You don’t have to be a Christian to understand that the life we have known has dramatically changed.  Our lives have been altered by those who were elected to implement policies that were to make our lives better.  However, the policies of today have destroyed states, counties, cities, and families.  Small businesses were destroyed first.  Now, the family is being targeted.

As a Christian, it’s my responsibility to share as much information that positively, and negatively, impacts our society.  In the video below, the alarm is being sounded.  Some in the Israeli government have turned on their citizenry.  Watch, weep, but pray and do something at your local levels, starting with your family.  WILL YOU STAND?