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Travel ~ The Journey Continues

I closed my eyes to see
The beautiful colors of my mental tapestry
Reds, yellows, and green hues
In my darkness I found my cues

Through these pages, journey time and space with Clarissa as she shares her most intimate thoughts.  Available June 30, 2015

Travel ~ A Poetry Compilation

Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone is on a journey to somewhere. This poetry compilation is comprised of my life’s journey: sometimes difficult, sometimes smooth, sometimes confusing. From the depths of my soul, through these poems, I share my intimate and emotional travels. The journey of life is full of joy, excitement, happiness, love, pain, sorrow, and recovery. To travel life’s journey is what makes a person strong. So, travel well, my friend.

Faces ~ Samantha

Samantha is 8-year-old and has to deal with more than a child should. Through her pain and agony, all Samantha thinks about is who will protect her little brother, Tavis. Through the darkness, Samantha fights for their lives.

Princess Onyx Fairytales

Princess Onyx™ Fairytales are stories about a beautiful princess named Princess Onyx who lives in the Kingdom of Jet with her loving parents, King Stygian and Queen Sable. Princess Onyx loves to play and have fun with the kingdom’s children. Her adventures teach her some valuable lessons about self-esteem, colorism, friendship, respect, and doing the right thing even if she must stand alone.