What is Faucihausen Syndrome by Proxy? 

The healthcare providers with FSBP may:

  • Lie about the populace’s symptoms.
  • Change COVID outcomes frequently to make the virus appear to be more dangerous than it really it.
  • Promotes detrimental and harmful health policies that harm the populace to produce anxiety, fear, paranoia, and social division.

Who are the victims of FSBP?

  • Those you trust government.
  • Naïve individuals who don’t believe mainstream media would lie to them.
  • The innocents: children, the incapacitated, and the mental vulnerable.
  • Paid shills.

Who are prime candidates for Faucihausen Syndrome by Proxy?

The prime candidates for Faucihausen Syndrome by Proxy are:

  • Local, State, and National Health Directors
  • Power-hungry dictatorial tyrants
  • Demon-influenced, power-hungry dictatorial tyrants
  • Narcissistic, dictatorial tyrants

How to detect a Faucihausen Syndrome by Proxy

To detect a FSBP tyrant, watch for the following activities:

  • Finances man-made deadly viruses.
  • Demands the populace wear a mask, but don’t when the cameras aren’t rolling.
  • Receives a million-plus dollar book deal while the majority of small businesses go out of business.
  • Spouse works for the organization that approves drugs.
  • Flip-flops continuously on the effectiveness of their ‘cure’.
  • Throws a baseball like a 3-year-old toddler.

Recommended Treatment

The following are recommended treatments for FSBP:

  • Strip offender of medical license
  • Divest all personal and business funds and distribute to families harmed
  • Charge with crimes against humanity via the Nuremberg laws
  • Ensure ANYONE who aligned him/herself with the perp is sentenced equally accordingly to the Nuremberg laws

What can you do if you believe you have been impacted by those with Faucihausen Syndrome by Proxy?

  • If you’re a Christian, ask the Lord to help you forgive the perp. (I know this is difficult if you have lost a loved one due to these monsters.)
  • Save as many articles (from CDC, FDA, NIH, WHO, etc.) for future evidence.
  • Hold the line and don’t lose hope. Justice is imminent.