When Conspiracies Become Truth!


For years, many have called me a conspiracy theorist; and for a long time I kept a lot of my ‘conspiracies’ to myself.  Now, I feel vindicated because many of my conspiracies are now TRUTH!  See, I have spent many years researching, reading, analyzing, conversing, verifying and validating information.  As far out as much of what I discovered seemed to be, most of it has come to past.  For example, when I shared that the movie, Enemy of the State (Will Smith) was letting us know that we were being tracked.  When I shared this with family and friends, they shrugged it off as just another one of my crazy conspiracies.  Now, here we are with all sorts of tracking devices (iPhones and Androids).

Then, there’s the original Star Trek series I watched as a child.  I would tell anyone who would listen that those devices were real, (i.e. video conferencing, big screen television, the flip mobile phone, and teleporters.  Yes, scientists have been working on teleportation for decades.)  I suggest we all open our ears and our eyes.  Our world has changed under the radar.  We are now under siege, in lockdowns as if we’re in federal prisons.

Below is a video of just one example of those conspiracies that was truthfully illustrated in an X-Files episode.  Now, ask yourself one important question: Is what’s happening in our world today is a conspiracy theory?  Watch and try not to weep.