The Elite’s Lair of Liars: A True Story


True Story – The Elite’s Lair of Liars

I worked for a huge not-for-profit organization based in Alexandria, VA for whom I facilitated leadership workshops for middle- to high school scholars.  Parents paid mega bucks for them to attend those workshops, so their scholar to acquire the leadership skills necessary to someday lead our great nation.  

During one session, scholars participated in a mock Congress facilitated in the actual Congress hall.  It was amazing witnessing young minds interpret the role of the House and Senate, to actual go through the process of how the U.S. Constitution actually worked.  Being trusted to share knowledge with the next generations of American leaders was an honor and a privilege .  

The Wake Up Moment

During this fast-paced workshop, we also had to honor to visit the Hill.  We had an opportunity to speak with our State leaders.  Immediately, I realized everything I had been taught about Government was a LIE!  It was devastating.  My view of politicians had changed forever.  They had lost my trust.  I felt betrayed.  

The Illusionists and the Delusion-ists

Watching C-SPAN where politicians argued, debated, lambasted each other over policies and laws that impacted American lives, shaped my opinion about politics.  It was Democrats against Republicans.   The mainstream media, political commentaries, and other talking-heads promoted a party-divided nation.  All that changed the day I had lunch in the Hill cafeteria.  Our group was invited to have lunch where politicians, their staff, and lobbyists.  However, what I witnessed was as if someone has given me a hard kick in the gut. 

Witnessing the same feuding politicians reminding each other of their golf tee times was shocking. One Democrat reminded his rival Republican colleague of his’ daughter’s birthday party. There was hugs, handshakes, and pats on the back. Everything I learned about politic was a charade.  

The Great Illusion was revealed.  I quickly realized that the average American citizen had been okie-doked.  It was a Great Delusion.  Those politicians had played us like a fiddle. To insure their perpetual job, they kept US at each other’s throats. They kept us divided, blinded by misinformation. They worked 24/7 to ensure we were overloaded with lies that many of us didn’t have, or wouldn’t take, the time to investigate and validate what we were being told. 

Mainstream Media is DEAD!

I would never watch mainstream news again.  Mainstream media was dead to me.  That was in 2008.  Now, I conduct a lot of research, verifying information via multiple sources.  Reading, listening to, or watching political commentary is now thoroughly verified and validated.  

Fast forward to 2020. I researched EVERYTHING regarding our current plandemic.  I know how to read, to comprehend, dissect, and decipher information.  Following my intuition (discernment) is critical as it has NEVER lied to me.  Praying is essential and I use every tool God has made available to me so I can make better decisions.  

Patriot Forever

I’m neither Democrat nor Republican.  I’m a Christian and a Constitutional Patriot who proudly served my country.  My oath is for a lifetime.  Therefore, I will continue protecting America from foreign and domestic terrorists.  If you want to know the truth, I implore you to step away from MSM, Hollywood, and the music industry.  They HATE you, humanity, and the truth.  Most of all, they HATE AMERICA!  

You and I are NOT enemies.  Don’t believe their lies.  The Lair of Liars are our enemies.  We The People MUST stand united lest we become permanent slaves to the Lair of Liars.