Family Tree Form


Our family legacy is critical. We are living in a world of confusion mostly due to us not knowing our value and heritage. That’s why I created the Burton Family Tree form because I understood that if I didn’t know where I came from, how could I move forward with confidence.

I know we are spread across the globe. However, this is a way to stay connected. This is our VIRTUAL FAMILY REUNION. I encourage you to complete our FAMILY TREE FORM.

Thanks in advance for adding your family information. Click HERE to complete the FAMILY TREE FORM.

Family Announcements


We have some of the most educated and talented family members in the world. It’s important to share our accomplishments with each other so we can encourage and support one another. I created the Family Announcements form because our family members need to know we are here to be their biggest cheerleaders. I encourage you to share your upcoming news and events:

  • Marriages
  • Anniversaries
  • Births
  • Deaths
  • Graduations
  • Professional, Academic Achievements, Athletic, Artistic, and More!

Your family announcements will be published as soon as possible. Let’s show the world what the Burton, Jones, Robinson, Bell, and Owen family lineages are made of!

Thanks in advance for your family announcement! Click HERE to complete the FAMILY ANNOUNCEMENTS FORM.