You’ve Got the Power: Who Owns Your Happiness?


I recently saw an advertisement declaring, “You deserve to be happy.” While I do not disagree, I find this advertisement a bit unreal and misleading. Why do I find it a bit unreal and misleading? It asserts that outside sources control your happiness. Who in the universe has the power to make you happy? Without your permission, there is not another person, place, or thing that has the power to control your happiness. Your happiness lies within your personal power. The key word here is, POWER.

Power2Too often, we put the power of our happiness in the hands of others. Too often, we expect tangible things to bring happiness to our doors such as money, cars, and people. Then, we wonder why our happiness is fleeting, short-lived.

Happiness begins within. Only you can control your happiness. If there are people, places or things that bring unhappiness, you have the power to remove that unhappiness. Happiness is a state of mind. It is not always about how we feel as feelings change with the wind. Happiness is about contentment, being satisfied with your current state.

In the end of life, when people have regrets it is due to giving their power of happiness away to those who had no right to it in the first place. It is time to regain your POWER. Once you do so, happiness will be abundant and stay no matter the circumstance or situation.