Starting New Every Day


Bootsie_Me_937x264As I awoke this morning to my cat, Bootsie’s, demands to get up and let him outside, I fussed at him because all I wanted to do was sleep a little past 6:30 a.m.  As I grudgingly climbed out of bed and pouting, I saw Bootsie’s beautiful, yellow eyes looking up at me and I smiled.  Here was an animal that depends on me 100% for his very existence.  Some may believe cats train their persons and do not need us.  However, I know better.  Bootsie and I need each other; and every day I get the chance to start anew; to live and love Bootsie the best I know how.

I realize the same daily renewal I am extended can also be extended to you.  Look around you and find that simple thing in your day that makes you smile, or even fuss about.  Give yourself a reason to start over, even if it is starting over every second of your day.  We all deserve daily renewal.  Is there a relationship you wish to renew? Is there a talent you wish you could refresh?  You can do it because you were given a new day.