Social Self-Reintegration


Social Self-Reintegration – An Introvert’s Struggle

I enjoy being alone. I use my alone time to focus and get to know myself better. Being alone is an Introvert’s dream relationship. What’s the downside of being alone? It becomes too isolated, both physically and emotionally. It seems that too much of a good thing isn’t truly a good thing. Oh well. It’s time to reintroduce myself socially. I call this social self-reintegration.

Social self-reintegration can be a painful process, especially after eliminating your circle of negative energies. Who wants to reemerge themselves with the company of negative Nellys and naysayers? I know it’s a fantasy to rid my life of everything negative. Without resistance there will be the absence of strength. Fortunately, I have built enough emotional and psychological strength to know when to walk away from negative behaviors without feeling guilty.

Life has taught me the importance of accepting my strengths and limitations. My dominant weakness is I can become very comfortable with self-isolation. My dominant strength is I have learned to listen to my intuition and immediately shutdown negative conversations and behaviors. I acknowledge my power to walk away from people whose negative behaviors can have a major impact on my emotional and physical well-being.

Social self-reintegration is like learning to swim again, but in an ocean. It’s scary. It’s daunting. It’s mind-altering fantastic!

I remember my 2017 trip to the Cayman Islands and swimming in the gorgeous, blue ocean. Initially, I had a panic attack and returned to shore. I calmed myself and reassured myself I could do it. I returned to the fantastic ocean and felt liberated. I allowed myself to be free of paralyzing fear and live in the moment. What a rush!

All I have to do is not allow myself to get lost in the social media madness and only participate in those arenas that benefit me.