A Very Sensitive Empathic Introvert


Sometimes I feel like I’m judge by those close to me as well as those who do not know much about me. Why? Well, it’s because I’m a very sensitive Empathic Introvert. If you aren’t sure what an Empath is I’ll try my best to explain.

An Empath is someone who absorbs other peoples’ energies whether those energies are positive or negative. When we absorb positive energies, we are lively, energetic, and outgoing. However, at some point, we become drained and need to recuperate. When we absorb a person’s negative energies, we are immediately drained and may appear either moody or ill. Most often, we experience headaches or body aches. When we are overcome by negative energies, we seek out the nearest exit, and disappear without notice.

As a child, several family members labeled me as moody or stuck up. This hurt me to the core. I wanted to be more involved, but the negative energies that surrounded me became overwhelming and I would disappear for hours to be alone with my books. Once I was rejuvenated, I would return to my family’s life. As a child, there were too many places you could go without supervision. However, I found solace in the public libraries, park benches, and the woods. Being in nature was the quickest way for me to regain my good energies.

I prefer small groups, no more than 5-10 people. I shy away from large groups, which is why I haven’t attended a music concert since 1992. Surprisingly, I enjoy public speaking, but you rarely find me hanging around soon after. For some, this may sound far-fetched. Some may align my behaviors with moodiness or anti-social behaviors. I no longer concern myself with what others think of me. I know who I am. I know what my body, mind, and spirit need in order to thrive.

I have a few close family and friends with whom I socialize, who aren’t in need of my presence 24/7. We communicate in various ways just to ensure all is good with our worlds. They aren’t aware of my overly sensitive, empathic spirit. They just understand me without questions.

I must confess that I often force myself to be social and reach out to let people know I love and care about them. When I say, ‘force’, I’m not talking about ‘fake’. I’m talking about making my empathic spirit vulnerable.

So, for those who assumed me to be standoffish and moody, I’m not. I’m a very sensitive, empathic Introvert. Like a rechargeable battery, I’m a rechargeable spirit. Give me a few hours alone, and I’ll be ready for the next exciting adventure.

Those of you who are Empaths understand my confession. Those who are not, you now have a glimpse of who I am. If you don’t understand a person, I highly recommend you ask. Empaths don’t mind providing clarification of their behaviors.