Privately Owned Prisons: Do you have a reservation?


Prison2Privately Owned Prisons: Do you have a reservation?

Prison1Warrant(y): You had better pay that parking ticket.

You have worked hard all your life and have never been in legal trouble. Wait a minute. You may have an outstanding warrant for your immediate arrest due to an outstanding, $30 parking ticket you have forgotten about. Guess what? Prison may be your next home. Welcome to Hotel Fed: Your reservation awaits you.

Child Prisons: The new daycare centers.

childrenFrom judges selling children to prisons to judges sentencing people to unbelievable lengthy terms, American citizens are for sell to the highest, private-owned prison bidder.

Dollar SignWhen elementary children are handcuffed and hauled off the jail, one must ask the question: How is jail going to reform a 6-year-old? It isn’t about reform. It’s about increasing shareholder profits.

Prison Universities: Coming to a community near you!

Course Title: Recidivism
Learning Objectives – In this 10-to-Life prison term course, prisoners will learn:
1.  How to remain in prison.
2.  How to return to prison soon after release.
3.  How prisoners are great financial investments!

Photo modified for this article. Original photo courtesy of the Federal Bureau of Prisons

You and your family members are potential prison investments.

Happy family of five together at home

For decades, we were lead to believe local, state, and federal governments owned prisons. Why have the American citizenry been so blind to the herding up of our communities? As long as it isn’t happening to your family, neighborhood, community, state, or country, it isn’t important.

Dollar Sign3It’s difficult for many to believe that prisons aren’t government-owned, but owned by private corporations and individuals. Like any other corporation, these privately owned human zoos have shareholders. As any shareholder who invests, they want the most profits available.

money1Prison Lobbyists: Following the money that lines the pockets of politicians

These private owned, involuntary hotels are the most successful at lobbying. Many Americans believe their local, state, and federal governments own these facilities. However, the prison lobbyists OWN the local, state, and federal governments, which all political parties lead.


The Greatest Love Affair: The New York Stock Exchange’s love affair witNYSEh private prisons

The following is a list of the largest corporations that own private prisons. As you can see, many have innocuous names such as Management and Training Corporation. Really?

  • Corrections Corporations of America (NYSE)
  • Management and Training Corporation (Private)
  • The GEO Group (NYSE)
  • Community Education Centers (Private)
  • LaSalle Southwest Corrections (Private)
  • Emerald Correctional Management (Private)

The following is Management and Training Corporation’s mission statement:

Making an Impact by Changing Lives and Enriching Communities

At MTC, caring about others, giving back, and making a social impact are the foundation of all we do. Since 1981, MTC has helped disadvantaged populations rise above their challenges to earn academic and technical training credentials and live meaningful, productive lives. MTC’s core business in Corrections, Education & Training, MTC Medical, and Economic & Social Development is helping others to succeed in life and prosper in their communities.

Doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy?

The financial portfolio management corporation, Vanguard Group, Inc., is the largest stockholder of private prison stock. This company managed my 401k and IRA accounts for decades. When I found out they were a major player in human prison capital, I literally became physically SICK! I have sense removed my funds from this corporation. How could I rest knowing I was getting rich off prison chattel? I had to relinquish my ownership.

Who are the Shareholders and Stakeholders?

shareholderSince these are private-owned corporations, stakeholders and shareholders names are kept private. I appreciate such laws that ensures OUR privacy. However, I wonder how many of our politicians are living GRAND off their prison profits?


The Grand Finale

stageThere is nothing GRAND about private corporations and politicians getting rich off human commodities. The stage has been set and the performance is hideous. These revelations should make all Americans – the entire world – cringe.