Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness


Recently, I had a conversation with my granddaughter and asked if her school taught her about her rights contained the U.S. Constitutional. She said ‘no’ and that her teachers told her to forgot about the U.S. Constitution because it didn’t matter. Then, I asked her what did she believe that meant. Without hesitation, she told me they didn’t want her to know about the U.S. Constitution because that way, they could strip her of her God-given rights. I was very sad, but also proud that she knew the consequence of her school’s mandate to manipulate her.

Parents, our public-school system is a poisonous vortex, sucking the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness from our children. We MUST educate our own children lest they be lost to the worshippers of Marxism and Socialism. If you believe my assertion to be wrong, ask your children the same question: Do your teachers teach you about your rights contained in the U.S. Constitution?

Old fashionet American Constitution – We the people with USA Flag.