Is Facebook Adding GHOST friends to Your Account?


As I began the process of cleaning house, deleting ALL my friends to begin anew, I noticed there were 18 ‘GHOSTS’ friends that remained.

Facebook Ghost Friends
Recently, I cleaned my ‘Facebook’ house and attempted to delete my friends list. I was compelled to do so because of all the political, racial, bully and outright inhumane nastiness I saw posted by Facebook friends. As I began the process of cleaning house, deleting ALL my friends to begin anew, I noticed there were 13 ‘GHOST’ friends that remained. I couldn’t remove them because they were actually GHOST friends. Then, I added a few more and now, I have 18 ‘GHOST’ friends, an increase of 5 new ‘GHOSTS’! What the HELL are you up to, Facebook?

What are GHOST friends?
I surmise these are implanted accounts but for unknown reasons. I could definitely assume a few of their reasons: inter-Facebook spying, cyber-stalkers, etc. However, I will save more details for a follow up post.

Lurking in the SHADOWS
Whatever their reason, I’m very uncomfortable knowing I have virtually, untouchable Facebook ghosts lurking behind Facebook curtains watching, my interactions with my true friends.

If you are thinking I’m a conspiracy theorist or just plain paranoid, here’s proof I’m on to something. When I went to my SETTINGS, BLOCKING and then typed in Facebook Security to be blocked, this is what I found:

And, yes, Thomas Carter is BLOCKED!

There are plenty of GHOST profiles, such as the more than dozen Arieanna Johnson profiles.

Don’t get me wrong. I understand NOTHING is private on Facebook or the Internet. I’m not that naïve. The most The most troublesome aspect of this dilemma is not having true control of whom I select as my Facebook friends. I have the following questions for Facebook:
1) Who are these GHOST friends?
2) What’s are these GHOST friends doing to my account?
3) Why are these GHOST friends added?
4) Where are these GHOST friends located?
5) How do these GHOST friends benefit ME?

What’s my solution?
I have sent Facebook the following inquiry of their actions. I’ll await their response. In the meantime, I’ll continue to do more search.

Have you checked your Facebook Friends List lately? If not, I’m pretty sure you have GHOSTS lurking as well.