A Test of Faith


Today, I heard there is a new U.S. dollar coin that does not have the ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’ slogan on the back. As I don’t watch a lot of mainstream news shows, the bit that I did catch was filled with talking heads who were in an uproar about this missing slogan. I don’t understand why anyone would be upset. However, before you start to pick the flesh from my limbs, let me explain.

The coin is just that, a coin. It’s a piece of metal that has been given a monetary value. It does not have a soul. It does not dictate whether those who believe God are true believers. A dollar coin that is deficit of a slogan does not regulate a person’s faith. A dollar coin is a tool to use to purchase goods and services. It’s not used to purchase an individual’s faith.

So, don’t get upset about the new U.S. dollar coin missing the ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’ slogan. If you believe and trust in God, that’s all that matter. That’s PRICELESS!