Barack Obama and Dick Chaney: The Family Secrets



Votes that Never Count

It’s presidential election time and many still believe their votes will count. Some consider me a conspiracy theorist. I don’t care. Go to the library and check out the facts for yourself. Do you own research. Don’t take ANYTHING anyone writes or says. Find out for yourself.

Seeing Is Sometimes Hard to Believe

I have listened to people talk about their political stances leaving me to wonder if those same people actually understand the political environment. I am often amazed that when I ask individuals who is responsible for declaring war, many incorrectly respond that the President declares war. Nope. That’s Congress’ responsibility. Such individuals have relinquished their critical thinking abilities to social media memes, mainstream media, and hearsay.

The Importance of Propaganda AKA Public Relations

Propaganda has been re-termed as public relations because propaganda has such a nasty and negative history. Nonetheless, the pretty term public relations has done far more damage because it has been disguised as something you and I must have in order to function. To give you a better understanding of what I am writing as well as a head start in your research, watch this video.