Entrepreneurs Never Reach the Finish Line


Do you struggle to fit into Corporate America? Do you struggle with the 9-to-5’ver rat race? You aren’t alone. I have been challenged with wanting to fit into the corporate environment just to find that something is missing. That ‘something’ for me is entrepreneurship. Not everyone is designed to be a corporate member. Also, not everyone is destined to be an entrepreneur. It takes a brave person to put 100% of themselves and finances into ideas that may lead to disappointment. Nonetheless, entrepreneurs are willing to take the risks necessary to make their ideas come alive.

When I was a child, I grew up among entrepreneurs. I didn’t realize they were entrepreneurs and I believe those relatives didn’t it as well. I was among bakers, tailors, musicians, hairdressers, builders, and landscapers. I watched as they began their business days preparing to pursue their dreams, many successfully. What was surprising is many still held a corporate job because that was what they were CONDITIONED to do.

I find myself teetering between doing what I’m CONDITIONED to do and what I’m SUPPOSED to do. The most amazing thing is my gut/spirit/ intuition gnaws at my conscience reminding me to continue my legacy and fulfill my destiny of entrepreneurship. This isn’t a new concept for me. I was a successful business owner for 14-1/2 years. I closed that business after going through a messy divorce. I was emotionally spent. Although my entrepreneurial spark had dimmed, it never completely faded.

Now, that voice has returned reminding me to get up and get moving. I’m constantly reminded that if Corporate American doesn’t fit [me], don’t force it! I cannot run from my destiny. I’m an entrepreneur. I’m the ultimate free-spirit. I am ready to soar again.

If you are being nagged by the entrepreneurial spirit, what’s delaying you? Is it fear? If so, fear is an entrepreneur’s best friend. We thrive off of fear. Fear is our motivator. Just ask any successful entrepreneur.

In the meantime, take the risks and run your entrepreneur race. I’ll see you at the next starting line. By the way, did you know that entrepreneurs NEVER reach the finish line? We LOVE the race. We just rest before our next venture.