You Attract That Which You Are


You do not attract that which you want, but that which you are. ~ James Allen ~

MagnetIf you are negative yet you seek a positive life, it will not happen until you first change your negative attitude. As it is said, you cannot serve two masters. You must let one go. How can we want a quality, love-filled relationship when we are so ravaged with negativity? We complain. We nag. We bully. We destructively criticize. All that does is net “NEGATIVITY”. So, why get angry and disappointed when “POSITIVE” people avoid you like the plague?

As simple as it may sound, all it takes is a daily dose of self-assessment. In order to move from negativity to positivity, ask yourself the following self-assessment questions:

Why am I so negative?
Are you allowing life to dictate to you what makes you happy? Are you allowing the media to tell you that you are inadequate because you do not have the big house, the big car, or the big bank account? How about the perfect nose, the perfect waste, the perfect hair? Reassess your worth. If you have breath to breathe, if you have a roof over your head, if you have your health, then STOP THE MADNESS! The media machine is not your FRIEND. It is only there to make money off the sensationalism of people’s mishaps. Move on and claim your life. It is yours and no one can make you happy. That is your JOB!

Road Sign1Can I do something about my circumstances?
If so, why haven’t you done anything about changing your circumstances? Playing the blame game is futile. No one else is going to improve your circumstance but you. Not everyone is financially wealthy; but when did financial wealth bring continuous love and joy? Just ask Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Leon Spinks, or Whitney Houston. They will be the first to tell you riches did not bring them happiness.

I know there are happy wealthy people; but it isn’t their financial wealth that brought them happiness. Just ask Zig Zigler, the family of Sam Walton (Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club fame), Les Brown, etc. These individuals exude happiness. Most importantly, if you are surrounded by negative people, change your ENVIRONMENT! As the old folk say, “You lie down with dogs, you will catch fleas.” Negativity is like slow poisoning. Get out quick or die a slow agonizing death. You deserve better.

If you cannot, then why are you still obsessing? Simply put, if your unhappiness is due to a circumstance you have no control over, let it GO! Move on. You are the owner of your destiny. Do not allow another second to go by giving your happiness away to MISERY. Just kick it to the curb – FOREVER!

Praying1Am I Spiritually Connected?
Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Atheist, etc., find out where your soul is connected. Seek time out to connect to nature. Relax at least 15 minutes a day by listening to soft music, sitting quietly in your favorite garden, or do some yoga. Whichever you chose, find your quiet place and connect to yourself spiritually. You will never regret it.

So, if you want to attract that wonderful soul mate with whom you want to spend the rest of your life, bring joy, love, and peace into the relationship. Most of all, bring a happy person into the relationship; and you will experience the greatest happiness beyond measure. That is my personal edict. What say you?