Sci-Fi Meets Reality


I have written several posts regarding how science fiction has invaded reality.  Some who know me have called me crazy for sounding the alarm about sci-fi movies that are REAL warnings to us, such as Independence Day, The Matrix, Enemy of the State, Blade Runner, and more.  Fast forward to present day, and we are experiencing a great awakening that very few saw coming.

Why have so many been ‘blind’ to the warnings?  I believe it’s because many enjoy being told to ignore their discernment aka intuition, to call what they actually see with their own eyes falsehood.  Well, the day of reckoning is here.  Watch the below video and tell me what you think.  Is the commentator lying?  If so, explain your rationale for NOT believing.

Remember, we are all FREE WILL individuals, except for those who are already patented and are no longer fully human.