Public Relations and the Herd: Edward Bernays, the father of propaganda


edward-bernays2Do You Really Need That?

Have you ever wondered why you buy what you buy? Why you have such a great desire to have that car, that pair of shoes, or that new iPhone? What about all the material items in your home?

It’s Time to Think About It

Before reading further, close your eyes, take at least a few minutes and think about your answers. Have you been manipulated into believing you cannot live without those items? I spent a few hours scanning the items in my home and I realize I can live without 85% of the content. It’s disconcerting to acknowledge I have allowed modern propaganda, AKA public relations/marketing to drive my purchasing behavior.


The Manipulation of Self

The following documentary explains the ‘why’ of our purchasing habits. Most importantly, it explains the ‘why’ of one of our most important choices, politics. Can you be trusted to know what you want? Our government doesn’t think so. After watching, let me know your thoughts.