Editor vs Ghost Writer


Editor-vs-GhostWriter741x717-cropThere IS a difference.

As an editor, I am here to help my clients refine and perfect their voices through print. An editor IS NOT a ghost writer. Let me explain further.

When I am hired to edit your books, I look for content flow and structure, grammar usage as well as formatting. I will make suggestions as to how I believe content would best flow. However, the final decision to use those suggestions is 100% on the writer, my client.

Ghost Writer: a person who writes one or numerous speeches, books, articles, etc., for another person who is named as or presumed to be the author.

A ghost writer is someone who is hired to literally write for someone else but doesn’t get the marketing credit, i.e. name on the book, marketing materials, interviews, etc. The ghost writer might consult with his or her client to get an idea of what they want to write. A ghost writer is NOT a biographer. Biographers do get credit for their works.

Quality over Quantity is PARAMOUNT!

Being a quality editor means having confidence in our abilities and thick skin. The same goes for the writers who hire us. If you are a writer seeking a quality editor, be ready to put in REAL and HARD work, which often includes long hours.

Learn to take constructive criticism and recognize that editing suggestions are part of the writing process. I am hired because my clients are confident in my skills and expertise. At times, the editing process will be frustrating. Some writers may want to give up, some do give up. However, as your editor, I will not push you beyond what I believe you are capable of doing. I refuse to allow my clients to publish works that are substandard. Therefore, I am adamant about getting manuscripts to their best form. I don’t believe in taking short cuts.

No Plagiarism on my watch.

I have had clients who refused to do the hard work such as ensuring they cite all works used from other sources. If you use content from another source, even your own, without citing references, that is PLAGIARISM! If my client cannot find the reference, I ALWAYS suggest removing the content. It doesn’t matter if my client paraphrases the referenced content. It still didn’t originate from my client. The content must be removed.

I will suggest tools to help writers correctly cite sources. Writers can search the Internet for plagiarism software. One example is the reference feature in Microsoft Word. Also, there are websites like APA.org.

MS Word Reference Feature

Unfortunately, and to my great disappointment, there have been cases where I have required that my name as well as my brand (Queen of the Pen Books™) NOT be included in a writer’s works, marketing materials, etc. I will not participate in plagiarism in any form. It’s all about credibility.

Great writing is successful writing.

Your success is my success. Writing is a craft, which gets better with time. I am committed to helping you publish your best writing works. So, let’s work together to make your writing dreams come true.