10 Powerful Words You Should Always Remember


Everyone wants to feel powerful. We all want to feel as if we are the masters of our own universes. Nothing builds confidence like having ownership. There are ways we can be powerful daily. It’s not dictatorial or tyrannical power. It’s personal power that builds confidence and emboldens individuals to do better each day. The following ten power words will help you regain your personal power.

Enough ~ adequate for the want or need; sufficient for the purpose or to satisfy desire

You are more than enough. You are good enough for anyone and everyone. Surround yourself with people who value you. You own your value. Believe that!

Contentment ~ the state of being contented; satisfaction; ease of mind

Your contentment lies within you. Being content with your current circumstances does not mean you are settling. It only means you are living peacefully within the moment. Never settle or compromise your self-respect, integrity, or worth. So, savor it without succumbing to it.

Acceptance ~ favorable reception; approval; favor

You are worthy. Your approval does not lie in the minds of others. You are worthy of respect. Never accept mediocracy. You have many talents the world is waiting to see and experience. Accepting yourself means accepting and valuing your talents. You are worthy. So, accept it!

Loved ~ held in deep affection; cherished

Everyone desires to be loved. The most important person to love you is YOU! No other love is special until you can love yourself. Do not be fooled into believing self-love is bad. This selfishness is good. For without self-love, you will not allow others to love you. Embrace self-love because no other love is special until you can love yourself.

Equal ~ as great as; the same as

You are equal to all humanity. Hold your head high, expect fair treatment, and never put yourself at the back of the bus unless it is your choice. Acknowledge your right to equality in all aspects of your life. Sometimes it may be hard; but it is worth the fight. Therefore, never discount your equality.

Potential ~ capable of being or becoming

Every second of the day provides you with potential. You have the potential to restart anytime you want. You own your potential. Press ‘redo’ anytime you desire. Allow yourself to blossom into the wonderful person you are to become.

Accomplish ~ to bring to its goal or conclusion; carry out; perform; finish

There will always be mountains to climb and planets to discover. You can accomplish small fetes daily. Reserve at least fifteen minutes daily to think about what you want to accomplish. Be fair and easy on yourself. Don’t make difficult goals. Start small and build up to something spectacular. Everyone should have a bucket-list. Making small accomplishments builds confidence, which leads to major accomplishments. Get started and make it happen!

Happiness ~ good fortune; pleasure; contentment; joy

You own your happiness. Do not bind your happiness up in the ideas and thoughts of others. Do not allow anyone or tangible objects to rob you of your happiness. Remember, happiness is a conscious decision. It is your choice to be happy. Be choosy. Be happy.

Quality ~ character with respect to fineness, or grade of excellence

When you value yourself, your personal quality soars. You recognize yourself as refined, high grade, superb excellence! You are your own NASDAQ. You are own Wall Street! You are worth more than all the money in the world. Your first investment should always be your well-being. Start investing in yourself today. The dividends will be exponential!

Faithful ~ steady in allegiance or affection; loyal; constant

Many value relationships. Many believe faithfulness is the foundation of quality relationships. Are you faithful to the most important person in your life – YOU? Only allow people who respect and value you be part of your life. This may mean your ‘friend’ circle may become quite small. That’s okay. A few faithful and respectful friends are essential to your well-being. Before you take care of others ensure you have taken care of yourself. If you are not healthy or financially sound, how can you help anyone else? Refuse to stray from self-care. Do not allow others to mistreat you. Your faithfulness will bring more respect.


You are a very special person with special gifts to share with the universe. Acknowledge your value. Accept you are enough. Embrace contentment. Love yourself better than anyone. Acknowledge and accept you are equal to anyone living or who have lived. Your heartbeat and breaths are confirmation. Know your potential for greatness. Do the best with your gifts. Never compare them to others because your gifts are unique. Pace yourself and accomplish your goals according to your timetable and abilities. Choose happiness. Your circumstances should not dictate your happiness. Recognize your quality and let it shine brightly. Lastly, do not cheat on yourself. Be forever faithful to you and flourish.